Magar's Language & Writing


Magar or Mangar (Nepali: मगर भाषा Magar bhasa) is a language spoken in parts of Nepal, and Darjeeling and Sikkim of India by the Magar people. It is divided into two groups: Eastern and Western, and further dialect divisions give distinct tribal identity. In Nepal 770,116 speak the language.
While the government of Nepal developed Magar language curricula, as provisioned by constitution, the teaching materials haven't successfully reached Magar schools. At least one Magar feels that failure among members of his caste to take education seriously may be the result of school instruction in Nepali language. It's not unusual for groups with their own language to feel that the "mother-tongue" is an essential part of identity. Magar language is sometimes lumped with Kham language spoken further west in Bheri, Dhaulagiri, Karnali and Rapti zones. Although the two languages have a large number of words in common, they have major structural differences and are not mutually intelligible.


  1. I am i dont know mgar language

  2. I am i dont know mgar language